Advantages of Dental Sedation

Advantages of Dental Sedation

Posted by Stonewall Dental Associates on Feb 8 2022, 12:43 PM

Sedation is a blessing for patients who are extremely anxious about dental visits.  At Stonewall Dental, the dentist advises sedation for patients when required. Provided below are the advantages of dental sedation. 

No Pain

If you need dental work but hate pain, sedation can help. Dental sedation can help you stay relaxed throughout the procedure, so you won’t experience any pain. You may even fall asleep!

No Fear

Dental sedation can soothe your anxiety, so you can have a stress-free dental appointment. The medications used during dental sedation help patients relax, so they can sit back in the dental chair without stressing about the procedure.

Many patients choose sedation to avoid feeling pain. The medications provided during dental sedation help to block the transmission of pain signals, so patients feel little to no discomfort.

No Anxiety

One of the biggest benefits of dental sedation is that patients do not experience any anxiety or fear about treatment. Many patients admit that they avoid going to the dentist because they are afraid of the sounds, smells, and sensations associated with treatment. Dental sedation provides patients with the ability to remain calm and relaxed for the duration of their procedure.

Quicker Procedure Time

Anesthesia relaxes the body in order to reduce pain, which leads to a quicker procedure. It helps patients stay calm and comfortable throughout the entire procedure, increasing the performance efficiency of the patient. 

Faster Recovery Time

Patients often fear the discomfort associated with dental procedures. The anxiety surrounding dental treatments can make patients feel helpless and overwhelmed. Sedation dentistry can help patients relax and stay comfortable during any dental procedure.

Many patients avoid the dentist due to anxiety or fear. They might not realize that they are experiencing oral health issues until the problem has become too severe to ignore. Sedation dentistry can help alleviate dental anxiety, allowing patients to receive the treatments they need for a healthier smile. This reflects on the recovery period of the patient. 

Decreased Risk Of Infection

Patients who undergo sedation with nitrous oxide or oral sedation typically have a lower risk of infection. This happens because sedation helps patients feel more comfortable during dental treatment. As a result, patients do not have to worry about any chance of infection. 

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