Anxiety or Fear With Dentistry

Anxiety or Fear With Dentistry

Posted by Stonewall Dental Associates on Jun 8 2021, 04:39 AM

Having anxiety before going to the dentist is common among so many people. But if the anxiety takes over your overall well-being, then it’s not a good sign. 


Many people around the world have dentophobia. This fear is the apprehension that something is going to go wrong at the dentist’s office. About 20% of people only go to the dentist when it is an emergency. Most people have dental anxiety when they visit dentists for the first time. 

Dental phobia is quite an intense feeling of getting hurt and feeling pain. Most people are so panic-stricken that they avoid dental treatments and visits. On the other hand, dental phobia and anxiety only result in poor oral health.

How to Overcome Dental Fears

  • Find the Right Dentist

You can let go of your fear if you go to the right dentist who makes you feel comfortable. List down the dentists that you know, narrow down your choices, and then start calling them. Talk to them about your problems. Once you find the dentist that you like, book an appointment with them. Also, take note of the surroundings of the dentist's office. If it's clean and makes you feel relaxed, that's a good sign. 

  • Recognize all Your Fears

You have to understand your feelings for you to come to terms with your fear and anxiety. Write down all your fears so that you can talk about them later. Take time to discuss the same with your dentist about what you are anxious about. At Stonewall Dental, we assure you of personalized care and treatment for all your dental concerns. 

  • Practice Self-Care Before the Dental Visit

If you’ve had too much caffeine or not enough sleep, then you might fear going to the dentist. Get a good night's sleep before any procedure is to take place. Try to avoid caffeine if it makes you feel sleepy the next day. Before the visit, have high protein snacks like yogurt or other protein-rich foods. 

  • Take a Companion for the Appointments

Bring a friend or family member while going to the appointments. This will make you feel comfortable while the procedure is going on. Also, try to schedule the appointment in the morning so you’ll spend less time on any apprehensions. 

With regular dental visits, you can avoid getting affected by severe dental problems. Understand your fears before going to the dentist. We at Stonewall Dental, Manassas, VA, offer the best dental treatments at our world-class facility with the help of our friendly, experienced dentists, providing you a comfortable dental appointment experience. Call us at (703) 368-1000 or book an appointment online.

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