Foods That Can Harm Your Oral Health

Foods That Can Harm Your Oral Health

Posted by STONEWALL DENTAL ASSOCIATES on Nov 17 2021, 05:18 AM

Good oral health begins with a balanced diet. That means eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, limiting sugary treats, and steering clear of foods that are high in starch. There are a number of foods that you can eat to help strengthen the teeth. The teeth are made up of strong particles of enamel, and just as calcium helps the body to maintain strong bones, calcium can also work to strengthen the teeth. If you want to avoid having a cavity, there are some foods that you should stay away from. These foods contribute to plaque buildup and cavities. Over time, this plaque buildup can turn into a cavity. Read on to know more about the foods to avoid to maintain good oral health.

Foods that can harm our oral health

  • Sugary drinks

Limit your consumption of sugary drinks to special occasions. Sugary drinks include soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, and ice teas. Sugar feeds the bacteria that cause tooth decay. If water is too bland for you, consider drinking sparkling water or unsweetened tea. However, be sure to avoid any products that contain sugar.

  • Sports drinks

Sports drinks are advertised as healthy alternatives to soda, but many contain a lot of sugar. Even drinks that advertise themselves as “sugar-free” may contain significant amounts of sugar alcohols, which can still cause cavities. Water is the best choice for hydrating during exercise, but if you need something with flavor, try sugar-free lemonade, iced tea, or sports drinks without added sugar.

  • Acidic fruits and vegetables

Your body naturally produces acids, which assist in the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. However, some foods and beverages contain more acids than others. When acids are consumed in excess, they can erode tooth enamel, possibly leading to cavities and other dental problems.

  • Tobacco products

Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and cigars all contain harmful chemicals that can damage your teeth and gums. Tobacco products can lead to serious health complications, such as oral cancer, gum disease, tooth discoloration, and tooth loss. If you smoke, talk to your dentist about quitting. There are many resources available to help you quit, and your dentist can provide you with information on support groups and medications that can help you quit.

  • Sticky candies

Sticky candies stick to your teeth, which can cause plaque buildup and tooth decay. Even sugar-free candy can harm your teeth because bacteria still feed off the sugar.

  • Hard candies

Hard candies, like lollipops and jawbreakers, can cause serious damage to your teeth. If you chew on hard candy, your teeth may crack or chip. The sugar in the candy leads to tooth decay, and the longer you chew, the worse the damage will be.

  • Popcorn

Popcorn is not great for your oral health. The kernels of popcorn are very hard and can cause dental damage. Hard foods can chip or crack your teeth. This can not only affect your appearance but can also cause complications like tooth loss.

  • Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits, are acidic and can cause tooth erosion. Over time, they can wear away enamel and expose the sensitive inner layer of the tooth, causing tooth sensitivity and pain. If you do choose to eat citrus fruits, be sure to drink water afterward.

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