Gum disease - Everything You Need to Know About Its Prevention and Treatment

Gum disease - Everything You Need to Know About Its Prevention and Treatment

Posted by Stonewall Dental Associates on Sep 1 2021, 11:14 PM

Like every other part of our body, our teeth and gums also need a good deal of attention and regular maintenance to remain healthy and disease-free. The absence of proper oral hygiene habits can lead to various dental concerns like tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, etc., to name a few. Among these dental issues, one of the major concerns that affect the gums and eventually lead to even tooth loss is periodontal disease. Read on to have an understanding of what periodontal disease is and how to keep them at bay.

Gum disease

Gum disease or periodontal disease is a recurrent bacterial infection that develops around the gums and the supporting bones of the teeth. The condition occurs when the harmful bacteria present in plaque leads to the infection of the gums, causing inflammation and soft-tissue damage. If it is not treated on time, it can develop to an advanced stage, leading to jawbone deterioration and eventual tooth loss.

Gum diseases can be either gingivitis and periodontitis on the basis of the severity of the condition. 


Gum disease usually begins as gingivitis and is the mildest form of periodontal disease. The condition occurs when the bacteria present in the plaque causes infection of the gums, leading to inflammation and swelling. 

With proper treatment and home care, gingivitis can be treated. 


If gingivitis is left untreated, the plaque can spread and advance to the region below the gum line, producing toxins that can stimulate a chronic inflammatory response. Without proper treatment, the gums can separate from the teeth, forming periodontal pockets and destroying more gum tissue and bone. Eventually, this will lead to tooth loss and jaw bone deterioration.

Why is gum disease a major concern?

Gum disease is a severe dental disease that can eventually lead to tooth loss if left untreated for long. It is one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults in the US; almost 3 out of 4 adults get this condition at some time in their life. 

Symptoms of gum disease

  • Inflammation of puffy gums
  • Bright red or purplish appearance of gums
  • Gum bleeding while brushing or flossing the teeth
  • Halitosis or severe bad breath
  • Discharge of pus between the teeth and gums
  • Loose teeth or tooth loss
  • Pain or discomfort while chewing or biting
  • Formation of spaces between the teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Changes in the bite

Gum Disease - Prevention and Treatment


Maintaining proper oral hygiene through habits that include brushing teeth twice and flossing the teeth once daily can help prevent gum disease to a large extent. However, if the symptoms of the disease are detected, it needs the intervention of a dentist to stop the spread of the disease.


Treating periodontitis involves various stages that include the following:

  • Oral Cleaning:The plaque and tartar accumulated near the gum line are removed, and the harmful bacteria are eliminated through ultrasonic scaling and root planing. This prevents the toxins from causing infection and heals the gum gradually.
  • Laser Therapy:Laser therapy is used to remove the decayed tissues, thus preventing the spread of infection to the neighboring tissues. 
  • Medication: By administering antibiotic medication, it is able to control or treat the infection and eliminate the microbes. 
  • Gum Graft:A gum graft surgery helps replenish the volume of gums. Healthy gum tissues are extracted and grafted to the receded area, which is allowed to fuse over a few months.

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