Is Extraction the Answer to Every Tooth Decay?

Is Extraction the Answer to Every Tooth Decay?

Posted by STONEWALL DENTAL ASSOCIATES on Nov 9 2021, 05:48 AM

Tooth decay is a very prevalent dental problem that affects us all at some point. It can form for a variety of reasons and can lead to other dental concerns. But If you have tooth decay, your teeth need not be extracted immediately. Other treatments might address the problem.

Our expert dentists at Stonewall Dental Associates in Manassas, VA, can provide various quick and convenient procedures that help prevent or delay the progression of tooth decay.

Stages of Tooth Decay

White Patches

White patches, sometimes visible on teeth, are generally hidden beneath your enamel. This is one of the symptoms of poor dental health that you should not neglect.

Decay of the Enamel

A white spot on a tooth may deepen to a brownish tone as the enamel deteriorates over time. As your enamel deteriorates, little holes in your teeth known as cavities can occur.

Dentin Decay

Dentin is the tissue found beneath the enamel. Because it is softer than enamel, it is more vulnerable to acid damage. As a result, when tooth decay reaches the dentin, it progresses faster.

Infection of the Pulp

If your tooth pulp is compromised, it could be exceedingly dangerous to your dental health. Because the pulp is densely packed with nerves, you may experience agonizing tooth pain. A root canal is the only way to save this tooth, after which a dental crown can be fitted to prevent further damage.


When decay has progressed beyond the pulp and could spread to the rest of your teeth, you have reached the final stage. A root canal could help, but if the problem is severe, extraction may be needed.

Treatment Options for Tooth Decay at Stonewall Dental Associates 


When a cavity develops in a tooth, dentists drill out the damaged material and fill the hole. Silver amalgam, composite resin, or gold are used to make dental fillings.

Root Canal

The root canal is used to relieve pain caused by root deterioration. Endodontists, dental professionals who address issues affecting the root of a tooth, remove the infected pulp during a root canal.

Tooth Extraction

If a root canal isn't possible, your dentist may extract (pull) the tooth. A dental implant may be required to replace the extracted tooth. Implants prevent teeth from shifting and altering your appearance and bite.

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