Protect Your Smile With General Dentistry

Protect Your Smile With General Dentistry

Posted by STONEWALL DENTAL ASSOCIATES on Aug 31 2022, 05:23 AM

General dentistry is the foundation of a healthy smile. It focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating common dental conditions. When you establish an ongoing relationship with your dentist, they will get to know your specific dental needs. This can involve identifying dental sensitivities, as well as making recommendations for oral hygiene, diet, and tooth wear.

We offer a variety of treatments and procedures that address different dental concerns. The treatments we provide can include:


Fillings are the most common general dentistry procedure and typically only require one appointment. A dental filling is a restorative treatment that is used to repair damage caused by tooth decay.

The dentist will first remove the decayed tooth material, clean the tooth, and then fill the cleaned-out cavity with filling material. There is a variety of filling materials to choose from, including gold, porcelain, composite resin, and amalgam.


Extracting a tooth can be performed for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the teeth are too crowded, and there is not enough room in your mouth for all of them. Other times, they are impacted (hit the gums at an odd angle), which can cause pain and infection.

 Once the tooth has been extracted, you will typically be given specific instructions to follow. For the first day, you should avoid eating or drinking. After the first day, you will need to be careful when eating. Avoid chewing with the side of your mouth where the tooth was removed, and avoid using your teeth to open packages or bottles.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a treatment designed to preserve a tooth that has been infected or decayed. The treatment involves removing the pulp and nerve within a tooth, then sealing the tooth with a crown. This helps to prevent future infections.

Root canals are often recommended when a patient experiences extreme tooth pain, fever, or swelling. These symptoms indicate that an infection is present. They are relatively comfortable and painless. Local anesthesia is administered, so patients will not feel pain during treatment.

Gum Treatments

Gum treatments don’t have to be surgical. Some patients benefit from non-surgical gum treatments to restore their gums back to a healthy state. Scaling and root planing is one of the most basic gum treatments. This treatment cleans below the gum line and removes plaque and tartar. Some patients who have more severe gum disease may require surgical treatment. In most cases, gum disease can be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist on a regular basis.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth in order to restore its form and function. Dental crowns are most often needed when a large cavity threatens a tooth and can’t be fixed with a filling. They are also used to cover a tooth after root canal therapy.

Because dental crowns cover the whole visible portion of the tooth, they effectively restore the look of teeth marred by staining, cracks, or gaps. They can also help strengthen teeth weakened by large fillings.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a permanent solution to missing teeth. By attaching artificial teeth to the remaining natural teeth, bridges prevent teeth from shifting and help maintain ideal spacing.

Dental bridges are sometimes called fixed partial dentures. Traditional bridges are anchored by crowns on natural teeth, while implant-supported bridges are anchored by implants.


If you’ve lost all of your teeth, you might be a candidate for dentures. Removable dentures are prosthetic teeth that are made from resin and plastic and are made to look like your natural teeth. These removable dentures can be used to replace all of your teeth or just a few.

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