What is Pediatric Dentistry?

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Posted by Mai Zamakhchari on Apr 8 2023, 06:42 AM

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the dental care of children from infancy through their teen years. A pediatric dentist has at least two years of specialized training after dental school. This training prepares them to treat the specific needs of infants, children, and teenagers, including those with special needs. Many dentists offer care for children, but pediatric dentistry requires additional experience and qualifications. If you are looking for a specific specialty of dental practice for you or your child, visiting Stonewall Dental Associates for the best possible care is essential. 

When Should I Start Bringing My Child in for Dental Care? 

We recommend bringing your child in for a checkup when they develop teeth around the age of one. Getting your child used to visit the dentist at an early age will help them feel more comfortable at the dental office, and this early prevention can help them avoid many common childhood oral health issues. Once your child begins to get adult teeth, usually around six, they should also come in for regular checkups and cleanings. We can ensure they stay cavity-free and healthy as they grow older by bringing them in regularly once their adult teeth come in.

The Benefits of Early Dental Care for Children 

Early dental care is crucial when caring for children’s teeth. Children who get their baby teeth extracted too early are more likely to have orthodontic problems, such as crowding and misalignment. However, a child’s first dental visit should involve a professional examination rather than any treatment. The dentist will assess your child’s oral health, looking for potential tooth decay or gum disease signs. They may also recommend an oral hygiene regimen to help care for the child’s teeth and gums at home. If the dentist sees any signs of an issue that requires attention, they can likely provide the necessary treatments during the same appointment. Many pediatric dentists also give parents helpful tips on proper oral care for their children. These tips can include preventing tooth decay or cleaning an infant’s teeth properly.

Regular visits to your pediatric dentist help your children build positive associations with visiting the dentist’s office, which can help children to maintain good oral hygiene habits. Our team of pediatric dentists can provide you with the quality care you and your child need to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime. To learn more, visit Stonewall Dental Associates at 8719 Stonewall Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, or call (703) 368-1000.

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